Graduate Profiles: Saying goodbye to Autzen, but not to 'Go Ducks!'

Meet Chase Salazar, Class of 2015:

High school:  Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach, Calif.

Major: Chemistry

My favorite thing: My favorite thing about the UO is the culture. Walking around campus you are bound to hear “Skkkooo Ducks!” followed with a reply “Go Ducks!”  This attitude captures the community that the UO embraces. Oh, and Go Ducks!

Place: My favorite place is the new Student Recreation Center. It’s the most incredible facility for working out I have been in. It’s a great way to take a break from the workload of classes.

Memory: My junior year we had a breakthrough in my chemistry research that led to a publication. That was my happiest day in college.

Professor: David Tyler has been my mentor in chemistry since my sophomore year. He has allowed me to conduct undergraduate research in his lab and has been a key part of my development as a scientist. I owe a large part of my University of Oregon education experience to him.

Spot on campus: Autzen Stadium has given me so many memories, and it’s the place where the campus spirit is on steroids. I am going to miss the chants, screams and tears that come from the student section.

What I did outside the classroom: My friendships and connections I made with people in the fraternity and sorority community will last a lifetime.

What’s next: I will be moving on to pursue a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. 

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