Romance languages instructor Harinder Khalsa

A senior instructor of Italian in the Department of Romance Languages, Harinder Khalsa excels in the teaching of first- and second-year Italian. Khalsa serves as an advocate for foreign language instruction and the UO Language Council.

Term-in and term-out, she carries enormous responsibility for teaching in the Romance languages department’s lower-division Italian offerings. Khalsa regularly teaches nine courses per year while also mentoring less experienced fellow NTTFs and graduate students. Her signature course is the two-term sequence in intensive first-year Italian.

According to one student, “Harinder is not only the best language teacher that I have ever had, but the best teacher ever.” Another notes “she has a way of being able to connect with students … . I can only say ‘bravo!’”

In recognition of her achievement and expertise in the areas of first- and second-year Italian, Harinder Khalsa is a recipient of the 2015 Thomas F. Herman Award for Excellence in Pedagogy.

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