HR begins next phase of compensation project for OAs

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Human resources has launched a job family framework project that will allow officers of administration to identify growth opportunities and prepare for career advancement at the University of Oregon.

“The recent climate survey conducted by the OA Council highlighted that one of the areas where OAs would like to see change is in more clearly identified career paths,” said Jamie Moffitt, vice president of finance and administration and chief financial officer. “The survey reaffirmed that employees are interested in building a career at the University of Oregon, and we want to build a framework that supports them in that process.”

The OA job family framework project builds on previous work completed in 2016 that established salary bands for OA positions. The next phase of the process will expand on the work completed in phase one and create a job family framework that offers enhanced visibility and transparency about placement, growth and career advancement opportunities, according to Kaia Rogers, senior director of HR programs, services and strategic initiatives.

Rogers said the project will give OAs the information they need to create a personalized career path that meets their professional goals and aspirations.

“OA Council is pleased to see the university responding to the needs expressed by OAs in our climate survey,” said Larissa Ennis, assistant director of sponsor and community relations and co-chair of the OA Council. “We look forward to engaging with human resources to advance this important work.”

The OA job family framework project will continue over the next 18 to 24 months. Rogers said it is an extensive and important undertaking that will engage many stakeholders, including officers of administration and the OA Council, throughout the process. The OA job family framework is expected to be fully implemented by the end of calendar year 2020.

An advisory committee with representatives from across the university will partner with Sibson Consulting to complete the work necessary to deliver a comprehensive compensation structure for officers of administration. Sibson Consulting is a third-party consulting firm with experience in higher education, having completed similar projects with Portland State University and Oregon State University, as well as many other institutions.

Human resources has dedicated a section on its website to the OA job family framework project, which will serve as a primary resource through the term of the project.

“The HR website is the best way for the campus community to stay informed about this project,” Rogers said. “In addition to the project overview and a timeline currently published, we will provide periodic updates about our progress.”