HR program focuses on resources and tools for parents

Stock image of man and child working on school

Many members of the University of Oregon community are juggling responsibilities including their own work and school, childcare responsibilities and remote learning. Upcoming presentations and discussion sessions have been scheduled to provide resources and support to working parents and students with children.

The “Parents Helping Their Children Navigate Online Learning” webinar on Oct. 14 at 2 p.m. features Sol Joye, associate director at Oregon Research Schools Network and UO doctoral candidate. The presentation will focus on strategies to support school-aged children with online learning, ideas for managing motivation and how to help children become their own best advocates. The program is open to all UO community members with registration available in MyTrack.

Human resources is hosting discussion sessions in October and November to connect UO employees with children to other parents within the community. Each 45-minute session will provide parents a space to share ideas, strategies and resources. Registration for the parent connection sessions is available in MyTrack by child age-group — birth to age 5, K-grade 5, middle school and high school.

In support of families, the university created the caregivers resource website through which students and employees can access the recently launched caregiving networks and a comprehensive guide to available resources at UO and across the community.

The UO Care Provider Network helps to connect caregivers with those who are seeking care, and it is exclusive to those with a UO email in order to keep the care within the UO community. Examples of services caregivers can provide include babysitting, tutoring and elder care.

The UO Shared Care Network is designed to connect UO families with other families who are looking to share care arrangements, such as switching off days of care or creating “learning pods” to work together for remote school work.     

Both networks are available only to those who attend or are employed by the UO. Students and employees can use the networks to offer or solicit care directly with one another.

The Caregiver Resources portal on the UO website acts as a comprehensive place to find additional resources that are available to the community. The website has information about specific resources, ranging from childcare to eldercare and will be updated as other resources become available.