HR provides an update on the OA job family framework project

The human resources project team continues its initial evaluation of the preliminary OA job family framework produced by Sibson Consulting, which includes job families, functions, levels and position placements.

The next phase of the process begins this month and involves sharing the initial placement of officer of administration positions within the draft job families and job functions of the framework with university leadership and their designated unit representatives for review and feedback. At this early stage in the review process, the HR project team expects additional changes to the families, functions and initial position placements based on unit feedback. This phase of the process is expected to continue through spring term. The project remains on track with its established timeline.

As the framework is reviewed and refined in the months ahead, the HR project team offers more insight into the key components of a job family framework. Learn more about job functions and job levels within a job family and view examples of job family frameworks in use at other universities by visiting the OA Job Family Framework Fundamentals webpage