HR provides an update on the OA Job Family Framework Project

The latest Officers of Administration Job Family Framework Project update from Human Resources is now available.

The HR project team has made adjustments to the project timeline as the university continues its COVID-19 response and recovery activities. The development and refinement of the framework will continue into the summer with implementation by end of the calendar year.

The team is currently focused on the next step, a second review of the officer of administration position placements into the OA Job Family Framework. University leadership and their designated unit representatives will have the opportunity to review the initial placements of OA positions into job levels and can take a second look at the families and functions assigned to each OA position within their unit based on feedback provided in first round of review. This next step in the review process is expected to continue through spring term.

“As the HR project team and unit leadership continue the review and refinement process, now is a good time to revisit the purpose and goals of this project and the key components of a job family framework.” said Stephanie Neuhart, director of classification and compensation.

More information about OA Job Family Framework Project is available on the HR website. HR provides periodic updates on the status of the project to keep the campus community, particularly officers of administration, informed.