HR seeks more comments on the OA Job Family Framework

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An online form to collect feedback and comments about the OA Job Family Framework project will remain open through the end of the week for officers of administration and other stakeholders.

The feedback will go to the Office of Human Resources project team leading an effort to expand upon the current OA salary structure to create a compensation philosophy for OAs as well as a job family framework that offers enhanced visibility and transparency about how OA positions across campus relate to each other.

“We were very pleased to see so many people attend the listening sessions offered last week,” said Kaia Rogers, senior director of HR programs, services and strategic initiatives. “The feedback and discussion provided valuable insight that will inform our future work. We appreciate the campus community taking the time to engage with the project team as we continue this important project.”

As part of the discovery and information-gathering phase of the project, HR hosted meetings with a variety of stakeholders to learn about the needs of OAs related to the current compensation structure, what challenges the university faces in attracting and retaining OAs, and other considerations for a successful implementation of the project. HR outlined project goals, offered information about what the project is and is not, answered questions about the project and invited feedback.

According to Rogers, OA engagement in the project is very important and HR wants to allow more time for comments beyond the meetings held last week. She said the online feedback form is a great way for those who were unable to attend a listening session or who have more to add to share their thoughts.

The OA Job Family Framework is the collective effort of an advisory committee with representatives from across the university, an HR project team from human resources and Sibson Consulting. It will continue over the next 18 to 24 months and is expected to be fully in place by the end of 2020.

Human resources has dedicated a section on its website to the OA Job Family Framework project, which serves as a primary resource. Questions, comments and feedback about the project can be emailed to