HR starts outreach effort in preparation for return to campus

UO entrance sign

The Office of Human Resources has announced an outreach effort with faculty and staff members to learn more about their availability to work on campus in the coming months as well as fall term to the extent campuses are open.

The effort is part of the comprehensive planning announced by President Michael H. Schill and Provost Patrick Phillips last week to ensure the health and safety of the campus community.

In his email, Mark Schmelz, chief human resources officer, said HR will reach out to employee groups — faculty members, officers of administration, classified employees and graduate employees — to understand the needs, ability and desire to work remotely.

In addition to reviewing employee requests to continue to work remotely, the university may ask campus community members to work remotely based on the needs of the institution, safety and mitigation accommodation needs, and state and federal reopening guidance.

The information gathering initiative will begin with faculty members to better understand who will be on campus as a way to complete classroom scheduling for fall term and who may need to work remotely as researchers start returning to the labs and other facilities this summer.