Human resources launches a self-guided learning library

The Office of Human Resources launched a new learning library to empower employees to take charge of their professional development and start their learning journey.

The online and self-guided learning library is organized into categories, or content areas, to help employees build their professional skill set. Each content area includes links to self-paced online courses, book and article recommendations, and other learning materials to explore at one's own pace.

“The new learning library is designed to give employees quick and easy access to a variety of learning opportunities on commonly requested topics,” said Tiffany Lundy, associate director of learning and development. “It is a one-stop resource that can be revisited time and time again to expand on a specific skill or develop new ones.”

The learning library will be updated periodically and includes a monthly learning challenge to cultivate a continuous learning mindset, Lundy said.

Each month, human resources provides a new learning opportunity on a featured topic and encourages employees to set time in their schedule to develop a specific professional skill. Each challenge includes a series of both independent and team activities. 

Many of the learning resources in the online and self-guided learning library are from LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that offers video-based courses for professional development. All employees have free access to LinkedIn Learning content, which includes more than 8,000 courses taught in seven languages. It also offers robust learning paths and thousands of bite-sized videos for learning 'in the moment.'

For more information about LinkedIn Learning, visit the HR website.