Human resources provides guidance for upcoming holidays


With fall term well underway, it’s time for employees and departments to look ahead to scheduling and operational needs around university-observed holidays. The University of Oregon will be closed on Nov. 26-27 for Thanksgiving, Friday, Dec. 25 for Christmas Day and Friday, Jan. 1 for New Year’s Day.

Paid holidays vary for employee groups, based on collective bargaining agreements and policy. Visit the Human Resources website for information by employee group.

The university provides a special day of leave for all employees. For officers of administration and faculty with 12-month appointments, the special day of leave is historically referred to as the “governor’s special day of leave.”

Unit operations may be impacted by the holiday schedule. Because SEIU employees have Dec. 24 off, the university’s workforce will be significantly reduced on this day. To address operational needs on Dec. 24, unit managers may either designate the day as an “administrative closure,” on which employees may choose to work while offices remain closed to the public, or close if all employees have elected to use their leave.

If units close or designate the day as an “administrative closure,” OAs and other unclassified staff will either need to use paid leave (such as vacation or the “special day”) or unpaid leave for Dec. 24.More information about university holidays, including a comprehensive list of paid holidays throughout the year, is available on the Human Resources website.