Internet2 honors Huter and Smith of UO's Network Startup Resource Center

Dale Smith (at podium) receives award from Internet2 president
Dale Smith (at podium) receives award from Internet2 president

Two leaders of the University of Oregon-based Network Startup Resource Center – Steven Huter and Dale Smith – have received the Internet2 President's Leadership Award for their efforts in building and expanding Internet infrastructure and training technicians around the world.

The award recognizes individuals from Internet2's membership for their exemplary service for the benefit of the national and global research and education community. Smith accepted the award during this week's Spring 2013 Internet2 Member Meeting in Arlington, Va.

"We recognize Steve and Dale for the difference they are making around the world," said Dave Lambert, president and chief executive officer of Internet2. "So much of their work is more recognized outside the United States, where they have represented our community in partnership and collaboration with their counterparts in developing nations. They have made a difference for all of the research-and-education global community."

Huter is director of the NSRC. Over the past 20 years, Lambert noted, Huter has collaboratively worked with network engineers, information technology managers, scientists and government agencies in more than 100 countries to help build Internet infrastructure and establish partnerships in support of research and education networking.

Smith, international networking coordinator at NSRC, has given numerous talks and taught workshops around the world, and he has helped build networks throughout Africa and South Asia. He is globally recognized as a campus network and national research and education network expert, Lambert said.

"I greatly appreciate the recognition expressed by Dr. Lambert and our colleagues from Internet2 in bestowing the Network Startup Resource Center with the Presidential Award," Huter said. "The NSRC combines state of the art network design expertise with a focus on practical and affordable solutions to build network systems for research and education.

"This award acknowledges all of the NSRC network engineers, trainers and other contributors from the University of Oregon who do the heavy lifting in the field to improve global cyber-infrastructure while cultivating a community of technical professionals to enable continuous progress for expanding the Internet," he said.

Internet2 is a member-owned, advanced-technology community founded in 1996 by the nation's leading higher education institutions. Membership includes more than 220 U.S. universities, 60 corporations, 70 government agencies, 38 regional and state education networks, and more than 100 national research-and-education networking partners representing more than 50 countries.

- by Jim Barlow, UO Office of Strategic Communications