Digital arts instructor John Park

An instructor in the Digital Arts Program in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, John Park is dedicated to the highest standards in teaching digital art technology. Park is recognized for his ability to give students an understanding of dense computer-coding language and complex technology/software media tools.

Faculty and students alike mention Park’s unwavering commitment to teaching. His rapport with students is strong, and students produce high quality work under his tutelage. He is painstakingly thorough with content and infinitely patient and accessible to his students.

Says one student, “He's constantly coming up with innovative ways to engage me in my artistic practice and the classwork I am doing … . His wealth of knowledge and willingness to co-learn when he doesn't know something has made the classes I've taken from him among the most worthwhile classes I've taken.”

In recognition of his achievement and expertise in the teaching of digital art technology, John Park is a recipient of a 2015 Thomas F. Herman Award for Excellence in Pedagogy.

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