Krier’s 40-year service milestone honored at annual luncheon

Patty Krier is congratulated for 40 years of service by Jon Erlandson, director of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History (photo by Jim Barlow)

President Michael Gottfredson and the University of Oregon recognized officers of administration who have attained service milestones at the annual years of service luncheon on Wednesday, Dec. 4, in the EMU Ballroom.

Among those honored was Patricia Krier, who has achieved 40 years of service at the university. Krier, the director of public programs and development at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, began working at the UO in 1974 and at the museum in 1978.

Congratulate Patty Krier on her years of service.

“Over the years I have been here, I have seen the University of Oregon grow into one of the top public universities in the nation,” said Krier, who was unable to attend the luncheon but received an award for her service earlier. “I can truly say that I have been extremely fortunate in the career I have chosen.”

Krier began her work at the university as an administrative assistant to Beverly Fagot in academic advising. From 1978-1982, she was a GTF at the museum while earning her Master of Arts degree in American history and museum studies. She worked as the assistant to the museum’s director while helping to design a public program curriculum and working on a fundraising committee for a new museum, that was built in 1978.

Beginning in 1982, Krier has held a variety of positions in the museum, including educational outreach and program coordinator, assistant to the director and director of public programs and development.

“Working at the museum, being a part of the long and deep history of Oregon and so many worldwide cultures, never ceases to amaze me,” said Krier. “To be stewards to the 10,000-year-old sandals; to be a part of some of the brightest minds in the business; to constantly be working on educational projects that serve the university mission and that have an impact on K-20 students, families, seniors and many other community audiences, is an honor.”

Krier was not present at Wednesday’s luncheon because she was with her husband, Thomas Connolly, who received the 2013 Earle A. Chiles Award during the 30th annual awards banquet in Portland. Krier and Connolly, who has served as the museum's director of archaeological research since 1986, met at the museum as graduate students and have been married for 31 years.

A full list of UO officers of administration who were honored for their service is available online, sorted by unit or by years of service.

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- by Melissa Foley, Office of Strategic Communications