Latest offers exchanged in negotiations between UO and GTFF

UO entrance sign

Negotiations continue between the University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, the union that represents graduate employees, following the submission of last best offers.

The university’s latest offer includes salary increases in each year of the contract and maintains the university’s current contribution to graduate employee health insurance while allowing for incremental increases to costs during the term of the contract. The university’s offer is detailed on the HR website. Information about the most current GTFF offer is available on their website.

UO and GTFF meet again in mediation on Oct. 8.

The GTFF declared an impasse on Sept. 26. UO and GTFF have been in negotiations over a new contract since November 2018 and moved into mediation in April. The parties will continue working toward a settlement during the 30-day cooling off period, which ends on Nov. 3.

Graduate employees are graduate students who work part-time performing teaching and teaching-related duties, research duties and administrative duties. Approximately 1,400 graduate students work for the university. Additional information about graduate student employment is available in this overview on the Human Resources website and information about bargaining is available on the Human Resources website.