Latest round of mediation ends between UO and GTFF

Mediation between the University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation did not yield a deal Thursday, although UO leaders remain committed to the collective bargaining process.

“I am disappointed that the bargaining teams didn’t reach agreement during the latest mediation session,” said Frances Bronet, acting senior vice president and provost. “The university is still committed to negotiations and we hope the union and its members will also continue to work toward a contract that meets the needs of everyone. We don’t want a strike, but we are preparing to minimize disruption for everyone. We value the contribution of GTFs, and the current offer reflects that—in many ways that go above and beyond other universities.”

The university has launched a web page to provide updates and context for negotiations at

An additional mediation is anticipated, but is yet to be scheduled. Both sides remain under a 30-day cooling off period and a strike cannot occur before Nov. 27. 

By Tobin J. Klinger, Public Affairs Communications