Lori Shontz authors MediaShift article on SOJC’s ‘track class’

The Sports Bureau class, more commonly known as “track class,” at the UO’s School of Journalism and Communication isn’t necessarily organized in a typical fashion. But that’s how instructor Lori Shontz wants it.

In a piece written for mediashift.org, Shontz shows how her one-of-a-kind class combines classroom elements with real-world experience to give students a glimpse of what it would be like to cover track and field as a career.

“The students are side-by-side with professional journalists,” Shontz writes. “They conduct interviews together. They crowd around the television together to watch replays. They complain together about writing over the roar of the clean-up crew’s leaf blowers. The students learn not just by doing, but also by watching what the pros do.”

For the full article, see “Remix: How to Teach Journalism”  on mediashift.org.

Prior to working for the UO, Shontz worked for two decades as a writer and editor, and was part of an award-winning team at The Penn Stater, which received recognition for its coverage of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.