Masculinity colors responses to Trump, UO researcher says

C. J. Pascoe

Men who were quick and vocal in their condemnation of Donald Trump’s video boasting of his treatment of women actually were engaging in the same kind of chest-thumping they were criticizing in Trump, UO researcher C.J. Pascoe says in a new article in Newsweek.

In the article, Pascoe says both responses are closely tied to the American notion of masculinity, which has as a central feature the need to dominate others. Trump was showing his dominance through boasting; his critics were trying to do the same through their loud objections.

“The object of that domination can be women, employees, supervisors, other men or other countries,” the article says. “… This drive to dominate is what makes an American man a ‘man,’ says Pascoe.”

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Pascoe is a professor of sociology in the UO’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is also an Oregon Expert on sexuality, gender, masculinity, transgender issues and body image, especially related to youth, and also studies the use of social media by LGBT and straight youth to police gender roles and body image.