Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

Newspapers stacked on a laptop

UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about the value of higher education, Rajneeshpuram, and marine biology, among other topics. President Michael Schill co-authored an article for The Conversation with the presidents of the University of Michigan and Ohio State University. The piece looks at three ways to measure the value of a university education. Schill wrote that a degree allows for greater opportunities for social mobility. The story was picked up by major media outlets, including CNBC Online, the Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press.

Here are some other places where UO researchers were mentioned in the media:

  • Roger Thompson, vice president for student services and enrollment management, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about college wait lists.  
  • UO political scientist Jay Steinmetz talked to a reporter for the Associated Press about sources of donations to political campaigns.
  • UO sociologist Marion Goldman wrote a Conversation piece about her research at Rajneeshpuram.
  • Biologist Kelly Sutherland co-authored a Conversation article about the ocean’s “grazers.” The story was picked up by Smithsonian Magazine, Popular Science, Newsweek and IFL Science.
  • Eric Priest, associate professor of law, co-authored a story for The Conversation about the Trump administration’s face-off against China over intellectual property rights. The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and the Houston Chronicle also ran the piece.
  • UO anthropologist Scott Fitzpatrick was interviewed by the Daily Mail UK.
  • Research by Brett Romano Ely, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Human Physiology, appeared in dozens of media outlets, including the Daily Mail UK.

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