Media week: UO scholars in the news in recent weeks

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UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about breaking habits, cryptocurrency, climate change and athletic performance, among other topics.

Several UO professors were featured in stories in The Atlantic. UO economist Grant McDermott’s new research on how ocean protections can trigger pre-emptive fishing frenzies appeared in an article. A separate story on the reproducibility crisis in psychology featured quotes from UO psychology professor Sanjay Srivastava. Srivastava was also quoted in Psychology Today and BuzzFeed News.

Here are some other places where UO researchers ­­were mentioned in the media:

  • Time interviewed UO psychology professor Elliot Berkman for a story on ways to break a habit.
  • UO journalism professor Seth Lewis spoke to Wired about his new study on Google News recommendations, which was picked up in more than 60 outlets.
  • T. Bettina Cornwell and Joshua Beck of the Lundquist College of Business weighed in on the Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick in articles that ran in The Register-Guard and Los Angeles Times.
  • UO finance professor Stephen McKeon provided expert commentary for a TechCrunch story about the future of security tokens.
  • The UK Daily Mail cited a study by anthropology instructor Michelle Sugiyama on play-fighting and team sports.
  • Paleoclimatologist Pat Bartlein was quoted in a Mashable story on the rising temperatures of the Earth.
  • USA Today ran a story on the Yellowstone supervolcano with information from Ilya Bindeman, UO geology professor.
  • An article in Science Magazine featured quotes from biophysicist Robert Schofield.
  • Popular Science featured psychologist Nick Allen’s research on teen screen addiction.
  • WNPR Connecticut Public Radio interviewed psychology professor Jennifer Freyd about ending clergy sex abuse, while Global News quoted her on student-professor relationships in Canadian universities.
  • UO human physiologist Chris Minson talked to Outside about his research on heat therapy and athletic performance.
  • Karen Levear, director of treasury operations at the UO, was interviewed by World Finance for a story on the emerging university bonds market.
  • Sports product design professor Susan Sokolowski was featured in an SGB Media story titled, “The Teacher Who Made The Difference … Woolmark Performance Challenge.”

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