Media week: UO Scholars in the news in recent weeks

Tablet computer open to news site

UO researchers and scholars were recently featured in stories about Ursula Le Guin, mental health, ethics, mosquitos and other topics.

Several faculty members contributed pieces to The Conversation that were picked up by top-tier media outlets. Phil Scher, professor in anthropology and folklore, wrote an article about Ursula Le Guin for The Conversation. The piece was republished in the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

UO psychology professor Nick Allen and doctoral student Benjamin W. Wilson co-authored a story for The Conversation that was picked up by Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine and the Daily Mail UK.

Here are some other places where UO researchers were mentioned in the media:

  • Elizabeth Skowron, professor of counseling psychology and human services, was interviewed by Time about the psychology of parents who abuse their children.
  • UO philosophy professor Colin Koopman talked to the New York Times for an article titled “Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar?”  
  • UO psychology professor Jennifer Freyd was interviewed by CNNMoney and Voice of America.
  • UO psychology professor Paul Slovic co-authored an op-ed about misleading statistics. The story ran in Politico.
  • UO journalism professor Nicole Smith Dahmen provided expert commentary for a Huffington Post story on the public outrage around mass shootings.
  • U.S. News & World Report featured research by UO biologists William Bradshaw and Christina M. Holzapfel.

Around the O would like to know when members of the UO faculty, staff or students are interviewed by media or have written for publications based on their role at the UO. If you or a colleague have been in the news please send an email to If you would like to learn more about writing for The Conversation, email Molly Blancett at