Mediation talks continue Friday

Talks between the university and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation concluded Thursday evening with more negotiations scheduled for Friday.
“While I hope for a swift resolution, I’m proud of our bargaining team for staying at the table to work to find a solution and we look ahead to another mediation session tomorrow,” UO President Scott Coltrane said.

The university remains committed to the collective-bargaining process.

Coltrane reiterated that the campus remains fully prepared to meet the needs of our students going into finals week. UO employees have volunteered as course monitors to each GTF-led class, to ensure all students are given an explanation of the situation, should the GTF instructor not be present.

“A team of volunteers is ready to proctor exams and continuity plans are in place to ensure grades are submitted in a timely fashion,” Coltrane said.

“We appreciate the respectful discourse that has surrounded this challenging issue and the thousands of faculty, staff and graduate students who have remained focused on carrying out our mission. They have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our students,” he said.

By Julie Brown, Public Affairs Communications