Professor of Scandinavian Michael Stern

An associate professor in the Department of German and Scandinavian, Michael Stern’s 14 years at the University of Oregon have been marked by consistent excellence in teaching.

Stern teaches topics as widely varied as SCAN 259 Vikings Through Icelandic Sagas to HUM 300 The Closest of Strangers: Africa and Otherness and SCAN 407/507 Kierkegaard and Irony.

In addition to the broad range of courses he has offered in the Department of German and Scandinavian, Stern has spent the past 10 years teaching in the Freshman Interest Group program. As one student states, “I found Professor Stern to be a gifted orator, whose passion and energy shine through with each and every lecture. Not only is he able to bring the subject matter to life, but he is able to infuse it with complex ideas in a manner that fosters student engagement.”

In recognition of his excellence in teaching, Michael Stern is a recipient of the 2015 Thomas F. Herman Faculty Achievement Award for Distinguished Teaching.

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