Mills International Center art exhibit features student photos

“Manufactured Landscapes,” Edward Burtynsky’s 2007 Sundance Documentary that explores recycling yards, quarries, dams and mines, is the inspiration behind the Mills International Center’s newest art exhibit, “The Global Backdrop.”

The exhibit, which runs through March 30, will showcase a mix of photography and multimedia. It features art from UO students and visiting artists.

Leigh Scheffey with the UO Mills Center said, “The theme of our exhibition will explore how different artists observe changes in our landscape due to industrial work and manufacturing.”

The photography explores how nature changes through global development.

“The Mills curated images that offer a different perspective on the world of waste and industrial landscape, by exploring the subtle beauty within the world’s darker and dirtier side,” Scheffey said.

Photographs from Hannes Bend, a visiting artist working on the “Third Culture Project,” feature the effects of human activities on skylines and oceans.

For more information, visit the website.

―By Corinne Boyer, Public Affairs Communications intern