More volunteers needed to help at meningitis immunization clinic

Volunteer assistance is still needed for the meningitis vaccination clinic at Matthew Knight Arena, which runs through March 5.

Recently, three-hour shifts have been added to the sign-up options to make the time commitment more manageable. Volunteers willing to take one or more of the three-hour shifts are needed.

The need is especially critical in the afternoon and evening clinic hours. University offices with student employees who could be spared during any of these shifts are asked to consider redirecting their assignments.

People are needed for two specific tasks: Individuals with Banner access are needed to help complete the student eligibility check, and individuals are needed to help direct people in various locations.

For those sending student workers, the assignments are considered emergency reassignments, so the student’s home department is responsible for covering salary or hourly rates while working at the clinic. Overtime or other differentials may apply where that is applicable.

Supervisors must approve the assignment before an employee signs up. Upon supervisor approval, sign up for shifts using this link.

All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, and lunch or dinner and refreshments will be made available throughout the day.