Morse Center announces new class of incoming scholars

2018 Morse Scholars


Cynthia Aguilar-Arizmendi
Justus Armstrong
Lizzy Elkins
Joseph Erickson
Rebecca Foley
Emily Fowler
Kelly Franks
Damaris Garcia-Rios
Janice Gonzalez-Valera
Aidan Haigh
Henry Harding
Alyssa Huque
Abha Joshi
Sumit Kapur
Cassidy Kenney
Aysa Klocke
Daniel Little
Margaret Miller
Bianca Pak
Sarah Pishioneri
Crystal-Candice Quaye
Juliae Riva
Hunter Spence
Conrad Sproul
Nisha Sridhar
Pollyanna Stalie
Remi Tanida
Yomaira Tarula
Malia Taylor
Miriam Thielman

The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics welcomed 31 new Wayne Morse Scholars to its program in November.

The number of applicants this year set a record, said Thea Chroman, assistant director of the program. The incoming Wayne Morse Scholars represent 16 majors and come from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

 “What really stood out was the incredibly high caliber of every student who applied,” Chroman said. “Not only are they academically successful, they are politically engaged and come with a whole range of service and activist experiences.”

The undergraduate program, now in its sixth year, brings together students from across disciplines and majors to take on big questions about citizenship and democracy.

In the scholars program, students participate in special seminars that help them dive deep into the complex natures of democracy and citizenship, attend monthly lunches with invited guest speakers, take part in skill-building workshops, attend field trips and engage in supported practicum opportunities and leadership training.

In 2019, students will apply for the scholars program in spring instead of fall, and the program will begin with the start of fall classes. Rising sophomores and juniors will be eligible to apply.

More information about the program can be found at the Wayne Morse Center website.