Multicultural art work featured in 'Home' exhibit at EMU

“Home" Art Show
“Home" Art Show

The UO Cultural Forum and the Mills International Center will host the opening reception for “Home,” which will host art work from University of Oregon students, staff and children from the Moss Street Children’s Center.

Knowing that definitions of home vary, art curators Matias Bervejillo and Louis Cicalese came up with the idea because they wanted a wide range of submissions about the concept of an ideal space. This idea came to be known as home, and several mediums from artists of all ages will be on display at the Buzz Café and in the Erb Memorial Union through Jan. 9 .

“They reached out to all ages to see what they had and sent out a call to artists on campus,” said Mills International Center public relations manager Leigh Scheffey. 

The center hosts art shows every term and the themes are all over the place, Scheffey said. “The shows represent different cultures and communities, and we think about how we can represent them in a unique way.”

Scheffey said “Home” is an interesting exhibit. “Three dimensional art, photos and a very abstract view across a variety of ages and cultures will be on display — it’s not a typical art event.”

Because the art is located in two different galleries, the show is designed to be part of an art walk through the EMU. 

It’s a rare opportunity — there haven’t been many art walks through different galleries on campus, said Scheffey. 

―By Corinne Boyer, Public Affairs Communications intern