Naomi Zack's new book on race and privilege featured in IHE review

UO philosophy professor Naomi Zack
UO philosophy professor Naomi Zack

A new book by UO philosophy professor Naomi Zack is featured in a review on the Inside Higher Ed website.

The book, “White Privilege and Black Rights: The Injustice of U.S. Police Racial Profiling and Homicide,” looks at issues surrounding race and policing from a different perspective, shifting the focus from white privilege to the way the rights of African-Americans are violated with racial profiling and police homicide, a theory Zack calls applicative justice. The book was published this spring.

Reviewer Scott McLemee says the book goes beyond slogans to explore the concepts behind the words “white privilege” and “black rights,” framing recent events in a more historical context.

“Despite its topicality, Zack’s book is less a commentary on recent events than part of her continuing effort to think, as a philosopher, about questions of race and justice that are long-standing, but also prone to flashing up, on occasion, with great urgency — demanding a response, whether or not philosophers (or anyone else) is prepared to answer them,” McLemee writes.

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