New issue of Oregon Quarterly puts the spotlight on #uowomen

Graduate-level scientists shifting long-held stereotypes. A Duck famous for her exploits at Hayward Field, but whose work in the classroom is equally impressive. Faculty members digging into food issues, including obesity.

The common thread linking them? They are all women. And they’re making a difference.

Their stories can be found in the spring issue of Oregon Quarterly, available now. Just look for the #uowomen stamp.

This edition of the alumni magazine features Women in Graduate Science, graduate-level scientists who want to help their younger counterparts advance in the field. The UO’s chapter is one of the largest in the country.

Raevyn Rogers made her mark at Hayward Field as one of the key members of Oregon’s track and field team. She turned pro but is committed to finishing her academic work — and twin degrees in art and Spanish.

Learn about five faculty members from the College of Education who are exploring our complicated relationships with food in areas such as brain activity, exercise and how to prepare the next generation of teachers to help kids navigate food issues in schools.

Follow sociologist Eileen Otis, who is examining a simmering labor movement in China while researching the differences between Walmarts there and in the U.S.

Read about political science alumnus Stephen Gillett, who has landed a job with the “moonshot” division within Google’s parent company; a media power couple in New York who first met working side by side in the Daily Emerald newsroom; the high-ranking forensics program; an earth sciences professor who spends his free time playing in a bluegrass band and rock climbing; and a tribute to alumnus Jim Harrang, a longtime friend of the university whose life knew no boundaries.