New program will lower printing costs and improve service


The University of Oregon’s new managed print services program will lower the cost of printing and create standardization across the university's fleet of printers through a partnership with CTX/Xerox.

The transition will entail universitywide desktop printer updates over the next few months.

CTX/Xerox representatives will meet with each department to identify printers that are in-network and replace out-of-network printers for free. Locally connected printers also can be updated to network-connected printers for free now or any time during the life of the contact.

The program allows the university to leverage the lowest possible price from CTX/Xerox as a single-source printer provider. The contract establishes standard per-click pricing for black-and-white and color printing, toner and maintenance. As a result, departments will see significant cost savings and a reduction in Information Services support time because CTX/Xerox will be providing printer maintenance.  

Networked printers will automatically reorder sustainable, reconstructed toner. And, through a new partnership, Campus Zero Waste is working to recycle empty cartridges.

Departmental business managers and information technology staff can expect to hear from a CTX representative in the coming weeks to coordinate a meeting to start the rollout.

Contact John Boytz, director of UO Printing and Mailing Services, with any questions at 541-346-3796 or

-Talia Smith, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration