New research tool offers data on externally funded projects

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UO faculty members and staff now have access to a new tool to view sponsored research and education activity data.

ResearchStats provides visualizations of metrics for sponsored projects, including grants. Users can view proposals, awards and expenditures dating back to 2009 in an easy-to-visualize format. Data from the last 10 years, including the 2019 fiscal year, is available for both research and nonresearch sponsored funding.

The new tool was launched by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation on Sept. 16.

“We’re excited for the implementation of this powerful tool, which is in keeping with our strategic goal of providing readily available information on submission, funding and expenditure trends at the unit level at the UO,” said David Conover, vice president for research and innovation.

Users of ResearchStats can view data by college, department, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation institute, or equivalent level unit, which can be used to visualize trends and data for individual units.

The initial rollout focuses on sponsored research activities, but additional data will be available in future updates, including innovation activities — disclosures, licensing data, and filed and issued patents — and other types of information aligned with the continued growth and expanded reach of the UO research enterprise.

Access to ResearchStats is currently available to all UO faculty members and officers of administration and is intended for internal use only. UO employees who do not have access can request access using the supervisor approval form on the ResearchStats site.