Welcome to 2016-17 at the University of Oregon

New students cap a whirlwind weekend with the start of classes

For new students arriving for the start of fall term at the University of Oregon, the first few days are a whirlwind.

There’s move-in day, saying goodbye to parents, settling into the residence halls, staying up late with your new best friends and ducking into the Rec.

Then there’s the pep rally (with free T-shirts!), throwing your O, meeting the Duck, hitting the Flock Party. Saturday afternoon, there’s the first walk across the river to Autzen for a big-time football game.

Sunday, there’s convocation, the official welcome from the university president.

And Monday — finally! — there’s the first day of classes. Walking across campus on crisp sunny fall morning, trying to figure out where Columbia 150 is, taking notes with a fresh pen.

This is the day you’ve been thinking about since you started applying to college. This is the day when you start a new journey. This is the day when you begin to figure out what fires your passion.

And that’s when it hits you: You’re home.

Welcome, young Ducks.