No more hair-pulling; new tool takes the stress out of class scheduling

Registering for classes online should go more smoothly with Schedule Builder

A new online tool soon to be available at the UO should make it much easier for students to figure out a class schedule that makes room for the courses they need along with time for everything else.

Called Schedule Builder, the new tool will be available at 8 a.m. Friday, Oct. 30. That’s when the winter term class schedule will be posted.

Building a class schedule each term can be a hair-pulling experience. From finding the right classes to building in time for work and extracurricular activities, the process often leaves student more than frustrated.

That’s where Schedule Builder comes in. It not only finds the classes students want, it can block out time needed for jobs, studying, athletics or any other activities.

“Schedule Builder takes the frustration out of figuring out how to fit courses into a term schedule,” said Sue Eveland, UO registrar and assistant vice president for Enrollment Management.  “Students select the courses they need next term, and Schedule Builder does all the work of producing all possible scheduling combinations. Students can block off time in their week for nonclass commitments such as jobs, tutoring, child care, music lessons or sports practice.”

Students enter in the courses they want to take and build in any desired breaks during the week. Within seconds the program pushes out numerous options. Students can save a preferred option to their shopping cart.

When it comes time to register for classes, DuckWeb can access the saved schedule and process registration. If a course is unavailable, the student can go back to Schedule Builder to find another option.

In addition to the ease of scheduling, Schedule Builder will help student maximize credit hours each term, with the ultimate goal of graduating in four years.

“We want students to graduate on time,” Eveland said. “In order to do that, undergraduates minimally need to be earning 15 credits per term.

“Schedule Builder will help them arrange the courses they want into a schedule they like. It will often show students how to fit in another class or additional credits.”

Advisors also will have access to Schedule Builder so they can help students build schedules that meet graduation requirements. And academic departments will be able to see the demand for individual courses.

For more information and directions to use Schedule Builder, visit

By Heidi Hiaasen, Public Affairs Communications