Nominations sought for seats in University Senate, committees

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With nominations now open for positions in the University Senate and various committees, Provost Scott Coltrane and Senate President Randy Sullivan sent the following message to the campus community:

Dear Colleagues,

We need your help in shaping the future for the University of Oregon. As you know, shared governance is a valued tradition at our institution, and service is a core part of our mission. We encourage all members of our community to participate both in shared governance and service by serving on university advisory bodies, including the University Senate, university standing committees, administrative advisory groups and the Officers of Administration Council.

The 2016 Self-Nomination Survey for University Senate and Committees is now open. There are many ways for you to serve the university, and we have redesigned the survey so that you can indicate your preferences for where you would like to concentrate your efforts.  

Nomination for Elected Positions: You are welcome to nominate yourself for any positions that interest you. Please keep in mind that University Senate positions and some committees may be reserved for members of particular colleges or departments. If you have any questions about vacancies or eligibility, please contact Betina Lynn, senate executive coordinator, at (541) 346-4439.

Volunteering for Appointment: Another opportunity to participate in shared governance is through appointment to a standing university committee or administrative advisory group.

Enrollment in the Service Pool: Throughout the year there is a continuing need for volunteers who are willing to serve on temporary committees, advisory groups, or task forces or to step in to fill vacancies. To help meet this need, we have added a new field to the survey allowing you to indicate interest in possible appointment to one of these groups.

There are links within the survey to descriptions of the committees and their work, and a comprehensive listing is available online at:

Thank you in advance for participating in this year’s nomination process and for your commitment of service to our university. You can find the survey here


Scott Coltrane, Provost and Senior Vice President
Randy Sullivan, Senate President