OA position descriptions updated through HR project

Almost all position descriptions for officers of administration at the University of Oregon were reviewed and updated over the summer as part of Human Resources’ OA job family framework project.

“The OAJFF project team is thrilled that approximately 1,400 OA PDs of about 1,600 have been submitted for this project, and more continue to come in,” said Kaia Rogers, senior director for HR programs, services and strategic initiatives. “We are so grateful for the tremendous work HR partners, supervisors, unit leadership and OAs completed to make this initiative a success. Their timeliness and hard work will have a significant and positive impact on the creation and implementation of the OA job family framework.”

Sibson Consulting, the contracted consulting firm for this project, is evaluating OA PDs as the next step in the process of identifying job families. The project team will meet with Sibson in the months ahead to create and refine a job family framework that serves the university and its officers of administration.

The project is expected to be fully implemented by the end of calendar year 2020.

Human resources has dedicated a section on its website to the OA job family framework project which provides status updates to keep the campus community, particularly OAs, informed. It includes goals, a timeline and answers to frequently asked questions.