Office of the Provost launches its new, updated website


The Office of the Provost launched a new website this week that creates an improved resource for information relating to academics and faculty members at the University of Oregon.

The new website combines what was previously the provost’s and academic affairs websites, and includes content from and

The new website groups information by topic relating to academic personnel, academic policies, operational matters, curriculum matters and a faculty handbook. The faculty handbook, which was previously housed on the academic affairs website, includes many of the policies and documents relating to the working conditions for faculty members and is meant to serve as a resource and reference guide.

The website also includes quick-link pages for frequently used topics. Links to these pages can be found directly above the search bar.

Along with the new website, the email address has been replaced with for general office communications. All units and offices that used the previous email address are asked to update their records and future communications.

In addition, the Teaching Engagement Program’s new website has launched alongside the new provost website, providing additional resources and support for faculty members and graduate teachers. The Teaching Engagement Program, also known as TEP, became part of the Office of the Provost in February  and is an important part of enhancing teaching resources and giving context for academic policies.

The Office of the Provost welcomes questions and feedback to the new OtP email above.