Online threat rumor untrue, family issues statement

The University of Oregon is sharing additional information about the rumor of a threat that had been circulating on social media.

The UO Police Department investigated over several days and determined no current credible threat to campus exists. Police contacted the individual involved, and the person voluntarily cooperated with police and local partners. Using the UO Alerts system, UOPD notified campus there was no threat to campus and the rumor were untrue.

At the request of the family of the person at the center of the rumors, the university shared the following message; the names of the family and individual are not shared for privacy reasons. This statement is also posted on the UO Alerts page:

We are the family members of the person who, during a mental health crisis, made posts on a Facebook page that some people found worrying or threatening.

These posts never threatened violence to the UO or any person, but showed the strained state our family member was in. Other people somehow pulled from this that our family member was threatening violence to the campus and then shared that with each other on social media, and that went viral.

We want the community to know that our family member is not a threat, and is in the hospital under secure care this week and our family member will leave the state and come home with us after leaving the hospital. Our family member has no guns, no history of violence. Our family member is a person having a mental health crisis and receiving needed care. Our family member only has wanted to do good in the world, but in this state, the words used on Facebook to express fragmented thoughts were unusual.

We are sorry that this has resulted in worry or fear for people at the school our family member loves. We hope that you will understand that our family member is not a threat and to please respect our family’s need to take care of one another at this time.

Police are reminding all members of the community to immediately and directly share information or concerns with law enforcement about possible self-harm or harm to the community. They ask that people do not simply share on social media, and do not share unfounded information.

Police and UO leaders appreciate those who have shared information directly and urge people to continue to “see something, say something” if they are concerned about a threat.

If people ever have information about actual threats of violence they should call 911 or contact police at nonemergency numbers: UOPD at 541-346-2919; Eugene police at 541-682-5111.