Open enrollment for annual benefits is now underway

Open enrollment logo

It's that time of year again: Annual benefits open enrollment has begun. 

Employees can now complete the open enrollment process. Action must be taken by Thursday, Oct. 31, by all benefit-eligible employees even if no changes are being made.

The benefits office maintains an open enrollment webpage to provide employees with instructions, information and quick links to everything needed to complete the process quickly. 

“We ask that employees set aside time to take action well in advance of the Oct. 31 deadline,” said Cindi Peterson, associate director of benefits. “The benefits team is available to answer questions and provide assistance.” 

Open enrollment is completed in a two-step process. First, benefit-eligible employees elect enrollment in plans for 2022, which includes electing participation in the Health Engagement Model. Second, those electing to participate in the model must complete a health assessment.

All new, current and returning benefit-eligible employees must take action to avoid penalties, which include higher plan deductibles and surcharges.

There are few plan changes for 2022, Peterson said. A summary of plan changes is available on the human resources website.

There will be an open enrollment presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 6 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. to discuss plan changes and actions steps and answer questions from employees. Visit the HR website to join the Zoom session.

Benefit-eligible employees are also invited to the virtual benefits fair. Through the virtual experience, employees can explore their benefit choices through carrier resources and learn about wellness programs. The benefits fair will be available the entire month of October. Employees can take a virtual tour of vendor booths to access resources and webinar schedules.

Peterson emphasized the importance of taking action sooner rather than later. 

“The benefits office will send reminders throughout open enrollment, but it is up to each individual to manage their benefit elections and take necessary action,” she said. Contact the benefits office for open enrollment questions and assistance.