Parking and transportation seeks input for strategic planning

Transportation Day booth

Regardless of how people commute to campus — by car, bike, bus or foot — the UO Department of Parking and Transportation invites comments while undergoing its first strategic planning process under the leadership of new director, David Reesor.

The plan began in late September and upon completion will help set a mission and overall vision for the department and identify areas of improvement. The information compiled during the process will shape an overarching five-year plan to enhance parking and transportation services and make campus easier and safer to navigate.

“As campus grows, it can become more challenging to meet the parking and transportation needs,” Reesor said. “There is limited space available to meet both building and parking needs. This planning effort will help us develop customer service goals for all types of travel and parking choices and produce measurable actions to assure we stay on course. Having an efficient, convenient and safe transportation system is critical to the continued success of our university.” 

As part of their outreach, department officials spoke with students, faculty members and staff at the department’s Transportation Day booth. Participants shared their preferences on traveling to and around campus, mapped current commute routes and identified transportation mode choice.

The department is also conducting focus groups with partner agencies, various campus user groups and other campus departments.

“We want to hear from as many campus community members as possible and keep people informed,” Reesor said. “Their input will help set our strategic priorities, goals and performance measures, and initiatives to meet them.”

The parking and transportation strategic plan will be completed by late spring or early summer 2019. For up-to-date information on progress or to sign up for email updates, visit Contact Reesor at or 541-346-5796 with specific questions.

By Talia Smith, Finance and Administration