Plastics event at PK Park will keep recyclables out of landfills

Plastic containers

University of Oregon community members are encouraged to bring their recyclable plastics to the UO Plastics Roundup from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13 in the parking lot outside of PK Park.

Organizers ask for participants to bring at least four to five items, specifically plastic numbers 2, 4 and 5 tubs, jars, bottles and lids. Plastics must be clean and dry and without any decals or adhesive labels.

In return, participants will receive a free ticket to the women’s soccer game at noon the same day. UO Athletics and the Office of Sustainability put the event together in response to the changes in the global recycling market that have limited plastics recycling for the Eugene area.

Sarah Stoeckl, program manager for the sustainability office, said Chinese companies are no longer accepting most plastics from the U.S.

“Because of these limitations, these plastics roundups are really the only opportunity people in Lane County have, currently, to recycle many of their plastics,” Stoeckl said.

Steve Mital, UO sustainability director, added most plastics are no longer accepted by local haulers.

“This is a convenient way to recycle those plastic food tubs you just can’t bear to throw away,” Mital said.

These collected plastics will go to Lane County, which Stoeckl said will recycle them. She said the Office of Sustainability is also exploring recycling plastics for use with 3D printers on campus.