Portland’s art and technology thesis exhibit features intermedia

Artwork in the exhibit

The final show at Portland’s White Box gallery features “Imaginary Friends,” the UO’s art and technology thesis exhibition.

Cris Moss, the director of the White Box, worked with the students over the last year and said the show covers many interests, including animation, virtual reality, digital printing, video installation, art installation, fabric work, paper craft, set design and sculpture.

“This group of students has been pretty amazing,” he said. “Their range of talent and interests combined with the community they developed are at the heart of what a program like this should encompass.”

The art and technology program has an intermedia approach that builds on a strong skill set across visual communication, animation, video and interactivity established during undergraduate studies. The work of Master of Fine Arts students Nathan Bergfelt, Jalan Ember, Susannah Feiler, Carly Hagen, Elora Kelsh, Ruby Lambie, Jalen Miller, Basil Arnould-Price, Alexis Sanchez, Nancy Serrano and Maxwell Turpin comprise the show.

It will be the final show at White Box, which will permanently close at the conclusion of “Imaginary Friends.” The 1,500-square foot gallery in the historic White Stag Block in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood featured the work of UO students and features a state-of-the-art multimedia projection room, which will be used in a piece for the current show.

“White Box ends on its most important note, professionally showcasing the talent of UO students to a large and diverse audience,” Moss said. “It has been a truly great experience for students, faculty, staff and community at large.”

The show, which opened June 1, will continue through June 30. For hours and more information, visit https://whitebox.uoregon.edu/about-white-box/.

—By Laurie Notaro, University Communications