President to hold student forum on tuition recommendation

The UO emblem on Dads Gate

UO President H. Schill will host a student forum Monday, Feb. 11, to gather comments on proposed 2019-20 tuition rates for nonresident undergraduates.

The forum will begin at 6 p.m. in the Erb Memorial Union’s Redwood Auditorium. Schill will consider all student comment before making a final recommendation on the rates.

The Tuition and Fee Advisory Board — a campus body made up of students, administrators, and members of the faculty and staff — recently forwarded its recommended tuition changes to Schill. The board’s recommendations include a 2.97 percent increase for nonresident undergraduate students.

The rate for resident Oregon undergraduates is not included in the recommendation, as it has been in the past. The UO’s in-state tuition rate closely correlates to state funding from the Oregon Legislature, and the university has joined all public universities in the state to make the case that higher education needs at least $120 million in new state support to keep resident tuition increases at or below 5 percent.

The UO will delay setting resident tuition until May, when campus officials hope to have a better sense of enrollment projections and how public higher education will be funded in the state budget.

After Monday’s student forum, the president will post his draft recommendations online for review and further public comment. The president will make a final tuition recommendation to the UO Board of Trustees for consideration at its meeting March 4-5.