President, provost name projects to receive strategic funding

President Michael H. Schill and Provost and Senior Vice President Patrick Phillips have approved funding for a set strategic initiatives after receiving advice from the UO’s Budget Advisory Group.

Each year, the university allocates a small portion of the education and general fund budget for strategic investment. Deans and vice presidents across campus can submit proposals to tap the fund.

The provost appoints the Budget Advisory Group, made up of faculty members, students and staff, including many members of the Senate Budget Committee, to provide advice and counsel on recommended investments. This group typically has 20 to 23 members.

The Budget Advisory Group reviewed and discussed 27 proposals from 22 UO units for the 2022-23 academic year. The university has awared $2 million in recurring funding, as well as some one time funding for specific projects.

The largest investments will go to:

  • Developing a robust, web-based degree audit system that will significantly improve the student experience and the university’s goals. Nearly $500,000 will be invested in Information Services, Undergraduate Education and Student Success, and the Office of the Registrar to implement the system and improve how the UO supports students as they plan their courses of study and monitor their progress along the way.
  • Addressing current and future cybersecurity risks. Information Services will receive $415,000 to support of a holistic, multidisciplinary, strategic approach to cybersecurity at the university.

Other key initiatives that will receive ongoing funding are:

  • Improving staffing levels in Environmental Health and Safety: $195,367.
  • An e-invoicing module to be developed by Business Affairs, the Office of Human Resources, Purchasing and Contracting Services, and Finance and Administration Shared Services: $150,000.
  • Improvements to graduate education through tech optimization for the Division of Graduate Studies: $136,075.
  • Prevention courses and an assistant director position for Substance Abuse Prevention and Education: $128,000.
  • Staffing and support for Latinx-serving programs: $100,000.
  • A coordinator position for transition programs within Orientation Programs: $77,693.
  • A coordinator position for campus tours for Orientation Programs: $77,693.
  • Enterprise time and attendance system being developed by Business Affairs, HR, PCS and FASS: $75,000.
  • Support toward the hire of an identity-based coordinator for the Academic Residential Community: $21,320.

In addition, the Budget Advisory Group’s recommendations include two other one-time-only expenditures:

  • To Physical Education and Recreation for health and well-being coaching: $195,000.
  • To the Erb Memorial Union help fund schematic design for a proposed amphitheater cover: $100,000.

For more information about the UO’s approach to strategic investments and the Budget Advisory Group process, visit the provost’s website.