Presidential compensation and evaluation discussed at Presidential Factors Committee meeting

The University of Oregon is currently below the 25th percentile for presidential salary when compared to its eight defined peers, according to data presented at today’s Presidential Factors Committee meeting.

Stephen Pollack, partner at Mercer, presented information about presidential salary benchmarking, as the university’s search for a new president continues. The group was engaged to help gather relevant market compensation data to assist the board in its analysis.

When compared to a group of 17 American Association of University and related peers, only three have a presidential base compensation that is less than UO. The complete comparative data report from Mercer is available on the board website in the committee materials.

The committee also focused on a presidential evaluation process, which will not only look back at performance over a time period, but will also help in the development of goals for a president’s year. Presidential evaluation is something formerly done by the state system, but is now the responsibility of the UO’s new independent board. Trustees are looking at best practices from other universities to establish a process for the president’s evaluation and goal-setting, both of which will happen on an annual basis.

“How can we help the president be effective? That’s the shared goal,” said Ginevra Ralph, committee chair and vice chair for the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon.

—By Tobin J. Klinger, Public Affairs Communications