Professor’s faculty page aids Texas Girl Scout troop

The UO School of Law places an emphasis on public service work, so Professor Merle Weiner was pleased to discover recently that her “Links of Interest” page on the school's website had been referenced by a Girl Scouts troop in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The girls were using Weiner's links to prepare for the scouts' “Senior Citizens Day.” The troop volunteered at a local nursing home in their community to celebrate the day.

Third-grade troop leader Alyssa Britton was so impressed with Weiner’s resources page that she sent an email thanking her for publishing it. She also recommended a new addition to the page: a link to a guide to keeping elderly individuals safe on the website Housing For Seniors.

Weiner said the interaction was small but meaningful, and it made her day. Weiner teaches elder law and family and child advocacy law, so maintaining a resources page for those interested in championing families and the elderly is important to her.

"When I was contacted by the Girl Scouts, I was very impressed that third-grade girls were exploring such important topics as domestic violence and elder abuse," Weiner said. "It gave me great hope for the future.

"It also reminded me of the importance of the participation principle embedded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child," she said. "Article 12, in particular, requires governments to assure that children are able to express their views in all matters affecting them. It rests upon the notion that children can provide valuable information and enhance decision-making.

"That lesson came home when the girls recommended an additional link for the site that focused on elder abuse. I am very thankful for their recommendation and for their troop leader's wisdom in conveying their opinion and recommendation."

- from UO School of Law