Provost encourages discussion on metrics in message to faculty

A discussion on metrics will take place with faculty next month as the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs begins framing the way data may be used in assessments across academic units.

In a message to faculty members, Jayanth Banavar, provost and senior vice president, outlined an approach to using metrics in terms of mission and operations in an effort to allay concerns and raise understanding of the goals for using metrics effectively.

“We have organized our thinking around metrics in two overarching buckets: mission and operational,” Banavar wrote. “Operational metrics, objectively measures student demand and the capacity to accommodate this demand with existing faculty. This will provide initial information on capacity and need.

“Mission metrics help us understand how well we are collectively contributing to the university’s mission,” Banavar wrote. “Are we serving our students? Are we contributing to our professional fields? Are we expanding knowledge? They represent ways to understand our impact, hold ourselves accountable, and can assist with allocating resources.”

The memo encourages faculty members to discuss metrics with the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs by attending a town hall from 11 a.m. to noon on Friday, March 16, in Room 156, Straub Hall.

“This town hall will be a two-way discussion on the purpose, value and use of metrics as well as other topics, including the new academic allocation model, the Institutional Hiring Plan and whatever else is on your mind,” Banavar wrote.