Quilt helps stitch together the College of Education community

Education students use art to help explore issues in education

Students in the UO’s College of Education are using art to help tell the story of education, and coming up with some great pieces for their office walls to boot.

One of the first projects by instructor Laurie Kahn’s Education Issues and Opportunities class was a quilt. Each 8-inch square conveys the ideas and analysis of a small group of students on an education issue, and together the pieces tell a bigger story.

The quilt now hangs in the waiting room of the student academic services office in the HEDCO Education building, the gateway to the dean’s office. It’s the first art piece in “Our Space,” a collegewide initiative to highlight artwork that reflects the diversity of the school’s community.

For the full story, see “What a bunch of squares: Student quilt project launches ‘Our Space’” on the College of Education website.