Registration deadline nears for neuroscience symposium

Symposium logo

Faculty members and students have until Friday, March 1, to register to attend the Oregon Decision Neuroscience Symposium in April.

The event will feature five speakers from around North America presenting work at the intersection of psychology, economics, neuroscience and decision science. Additional speakers are planned, along with networking events to connect early career scholars with top researchers in the field.

The lead speakers are Brian Knutson of Stanford University, Cendri Hutcherson of the University of Toronto, Ming Hsu of the University of California, Berkeley, Amitai Shenhav of Brown University and John Clithero of the UO.

Registration is free to UO faculty members, students and postdoctoral researchers. For others, the cost is $80 for faculty members and $20 for students and postdocs.

Three $800 trainee awards are available to students and postdocs to cover travel and registration costs. To apply for a travel award, researchers must include a 300-word statement with their registration describing their research in decision neuroscience and how workshop attendance will advance their training.

A registration form is available online. The symposium takes place April 19 at the UO.

The symposium is jointly sponsored by the UO’s Center for Translational Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, Lundquist College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences.