Review these safe driving tips for your return to campus

Traffic on campus

As Ducks head back to campus this fall, the UO’s Vehicle Accident Review Board would like to remind students and employees to be safe and drive smart.

Driving on the University of Oregon's campus presents some challenges, with pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and vehicles of all types continuously present and moving through a small geographic area. 

Safety starts prior to driving. There are several things you can do before you get behind the wheel to ensure your safety and the safety of others: ​

Perform a quick safety inspection

  • Approach your vehicle from behind: This will help you determine if it is safe to reverse your vehicle​.
  • Adjust your mirrors and seat: If you share a vehicle with friends, roommates or co-workers or are using a rental, it is important to make these adjustments before driving. ​​

Remove distractions 

  • Put away all electronic devices, headphones/earbuds, snacks or drinks.
  • Never text and drive. ​​

Select your route

  • When possible, select routes with enough room to comfortably accommodate your vehicle's size and type.​
  • Be mindful of any clearance height requirements. ​
  • Consider potential traffic based on time of day and budget time so you don’t have to rush. Or choose a less congested route. ​

Additionally, being a defensive driver means protecting yourself from more than just other drivers. It’s about thinking ahead and anticipating hazards, so you can avoid accidents before they happen. It’s always good to assume that not everyone is paying attention or driving as carefully as you.   ​

Here are some important defensive driving tips​:

  • Obey all traffic rules. ​
  • Do not allow your phone or any other technology to divert your attention.
  • Stay focused and alert.
  • Be aware of any pedestrians, cyclists or scooters.
  • Practice short glances to monitor your surroundings and avoid prolonged stares.
  • Use vehicle signals, even in parking lots.​​
  • Use the tools in your vehicle such as back up cameras, side mirrors and horn. ​

For further information and training, the UO offers an online course designed to examine the factors that make driving on campus challenging and what steps drivers can do to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of others, both on campus and any other place they may drive while on university business.