Romance languages to hold spring social and awards ceremony

The Department of Romance Languages is hosting the 2015 Spring Social and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 19.

The event runs from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the Gerlinger Alumni Lounge. The ceremony publicly recognizes 2015-16 scholarship recipients at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, it celebrates the achievements of undergraduate majors and minors in French, Italian, Spanish and other romance languages who are graduating this spring, as well as those graduate students finishing a master’s or doctoral program.

While students, faculty and staff will soon be participating in commencement ceremonies, the department is taking time to honor outstanding students in the company of classmates and faculty, with a music and dance presentation by the UO Fandangueros (traditional son Jarocho music from Vera Cruz, Mexico) and a light buffet and cake.