names UO best four-year college in Oregon

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The University of Oregon has been ranked the best four-year college in the state by the website, which focuses on affordability, flexibility and student services.

The UO was credited for being one of the most affordable schools statewide, based on the average net price paid by low-income students. Average net price is an out-of-pocket estimate based on subtracting the expected amount of financial aid from the costs of attending college — including tuition, fees, books, supplies and housing.

“Our financial aid programs are designed to help keep the University of Oregon affordable,” said Jim Brooks, assistant vice president for student services and enrollment management and director of student financial aid and scholarships. “We support our students by reducing the cost of attendance for Oregonians with financial need, while also rewarding academic achievement. I’m pleased that has recognized the success of our access efforts.”

The quantity and variety of degrees available at the UO also contributed to its top ranking, as did the university’s graduation rate, which was second-highest of the website’s top 10 schools.

“We do a number of things at the UO to support retention and graduation success, including PathwayOregon and a variety of advising initiatives that are coming into place to promote timely graduation,” said Jim Rawlins, the university’s assistant vice president for student services and enrollment management and director of admissions.

“Admissions is proud of our role in often being the first office to talk with students, families and schools about our work here,” Rawlins said. “This not only lets them know all the support that will be available but also plants early seeds for helping the students know that they can plan for success. provides education information to current and prospective students. The website analyzes data from the National Center for Education Statistics and other U.S. Department of Education sources.